Downs and Ups

This week has been a series of “downs and ups.”

The Downs

Since beginning WW 2 weeks ago, I weighed in 5 lbs down! This was amazing. I was ecstatic. I began counting my calories last September but without significant loss of weight. My body was changing but the scale was not matching the deficit. I decided ton try WW because it takes are more holistic look at what you’re eating. It balances out the carbs with fiber and protein, so I gave it a try. SUCCESS! At the meeting, I earned my first charm, a lovely blue rectangle that signified I was part of the club.

The Ups

Unfortunately, my 35th birthday was the day after the weigh-in. I had it planned out though, I was prepared. I knew where we would go out to eat, Texas Roadhouse, my favorite, and I could even get a few bites of a shared dessert. It worked out so well until…my husband (who I love dearly) surprised me with Italian Cream cupcakes, my biggest downfall.

Cake…I could eat cake all day, every day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. It doesn’t matter.

depressed tina fey GIF by Saturday Night Live

So, after losing those 5 lbs, I am now only down 2 lbs. Here’s to two-a-days until I weigh-in Wednesday.


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