The Man Who Flew the Memphis Belle: Memoir of a WWII Bomber Pilot by Robert K. Morgan

The Man Who Flew the Memphis Belle: Memoir of a WWII Bomber Pilot

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Robert K. Morgan, American hero and flyboy, tells his life story through WWII in The Man Who Flew the Memphis Belle: Memoir of a WWII Bomber Pilot.

Before my review I must be honest about my connections to the story of Robert Morgan. I first fell in love with the movie, Memphis Belle and when picking a research project in college, chose the Memphis Belle, the plane and crew. I’ve also helped to restore the Belle when it was in Millington, TN with the Memphis Belle Association and when it came to naming my daughter, I could think of nothing else than the Belle and named her Morgan after the pilot.

Robert Morgan begins his story all the way back to childhood in Asheville, NC on the Vanderbilt estate. He fills the book with engaging stories of his childhood and eccentric upbringing. My favorite parts were hearing about his mother’s and Gloria Vanderbilt’s friendship. He also indulges the readers interest by telling of his whirlwind romance with the Memphis Belle, Miss Margret Polk and his heroics in serving both in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of war.

I greatly appreciate Col. Morgan’s perspective looking back at his life. He does so without glorifying his accomplishes or exaggerating his mistakes but instead comes across as a grandfather telling his story as straightforward as possible. I appreciated the truth of his escapades rather than the conformed story the magazines and newspapers shared. He makes the WWII generation seem closer to the present generation by showcasing the true feelings of a young man going off to war.

This is a must read of those wanting an honest look at a war hero. Because of language and some adult content, I would suggest for older high school and adult. I appreciate the story more as I get older and am able to look back on my life with a new understanding.

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