Last September I decided I had had enough! My local YMCA was hosting a “diabetes prevention” program and since it was free, I chose to make myself a priority and signed up. For twelve weeks, I attended nutrition classes and exercised. I pushed myself farther than I ever had before (well, at least since high school). My family changed their schedules; I changed our eating habits.

I learned so much from these classes but more importantly, I gained a sense of self. Do you ever find yourself wondering who you really are, or could be? “If only I was thinner….If only I was healthier….” Well, I found out.

I began the habit of going to the gym every weekday after I get off work and before my daughter gets home. Ill be honest, the scale has not yet reflected the substantial loss I’d hope to see by now but my body has changed, I have more energy, and I’m happier overall.

Since my program ran out, I’ve felt that I needed an extra boost. Cutting calories with increased exercise just wasn’t enough. I decided to join Weight Watchers. I had been on Weight Watchers before but never of my choosing, and this time, I’m ready.

My first meeting was a little anti-climatic. I had to wait in line to sign in and the people checking me in were not neat as enthusiastic as I was. Then I found a seat, pretended to be on my phone like everyone else, and waited some more for the meeting to start.

When the meeting started, I wasn’t impressed either. The leader kept talking in circles and asking for people to share and only got a bunch of chirping crickets instead. I know meetings can vary so I will give this one another try and then maybe switch to a different place.

However, I do think the points system will be great for me. I cut my calories and increased my exercise and had been tracking it but I still haven’t lost more than a few pounds. The points really cut back even more what I can eat but I have found some recipes I’m looking forward to trying. Check out www.thepounddropper.com for some of the great ones like stuffed french toast.


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